The Women in Science luncheons are a great opprotunity for the Master, PhD, and Post Doc women to hear from mentors in both industry and academia of their struggles and the advice they can give to the next generation. These women also get to ask their important questions in this intimate setting. These luncheons are bi-annual along with department lunches hosted by a woman professor on a monthly basis. The panel will answer questions about careers, what are the important steps for acheiving your goals, which parameters are the most important for a successful career, how to get to such high level responsibility and/or positions, how important networks and mentors are, what are the keys to success?


These outstanding women will also be there to answer any other questions they might have. All questions can be asked in French or in English. These luncheons are really a unique opportunity to talk with these successful women and learn from their experiences.






Bruschetta with Ham