Erna Hamburger award ceremony, Nov 2019                            Company networking lunch, Oct 2019                                 

The main goal of the EPFL WISH Foundation is to support and empower the outstanding female students and postdocs on the EPFL campus to further excel in their professional lives. 

For this, we organize events to provide role models in the broadest sense possible, but also the discussion forum needed to change a culture that embraces more diversity.  We organize two main types of events:


Discussion lunches: We organize lunches around topics that concern personal and professional growth as well as the improvement of our professional environment. 

Company/academic networking lunches: We invite professional women at their different stages of career to explain how they got there, about their learnings and dreams. This is a magnificent way to understand how one can develop in the professional life.

The Erna Hamburger award:  In this annual event we gather the EPFL and local community to celebrate scientific excellence and we recognize a pioneer female scientist for her contribution to science and society. The event is open to everyone.