EPFL WISH Foundation gives out every year the Erna Hamburger award to exceptional female scientists.

WISH also encourages young female researchers to pursue their careers in engineering via scholarships and grants.

A short film presented during the 2018

Erna Hamburger prize ceremony.

Directed by Fanny Borza & Lucas Güniat.


The EPFL WISH foundation is an independent foundation, relying on the generosity of our donators in order for us to make all of our activites and events happen.

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Julia King is laureate of the Erna Hamburger Prize 2013. 

Professor Dame Julia King was chosen for the Erna Hamburger Prize because she has proven to be a woman in leadership; she has had a career in both academia and industry. 

This film shows the activities of the EPFL WISH Foundation, which supports the careers and education of women in engineering, science, and architecture.

The video highlights some of the obstacles women in technical disciplines face, and provides testimonials of some of the women supported by the EPFL WISH foundation.

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Since 2006, we have been independently encouraging the research & promotion of women by providing the tools, role models, financing, networks and support at key moments in their careers at EPFL and beyond.