"In 2006, a group of women professors at the EPFL established the EPFL-WISH Foundation

(Women in Science and Humanities) 

with the aim of encouraging the research and promotion of women on campus. The EPFL-WISH offers the tools, role models, financing, networks and support at key moments in the young women's careers at EPFL and beyond."

Since 2006, we have been independently  encouraging the research & promotion of women by providing the tools, role models, financing, networks and support at key moments in these young women's careers at EPFL and beyond


Our aim is to identify and support actions, which will help, reduce this dropout rate between those who study science, engineering and architecture and those who go on to make a career in these fields.  Women will face a multitude of obstacles during their studies and careers, which is why it’s crucial to support, network, and offer assistance, to these young female scientists, engineers, and architects to help them to achieve the career they merit. Our goal is to educate these students ahead of time, because often they don’t realize the difficulties until it’s too late. The WISH Foundation’s objective is to try to provide financial “coup de pouce” to women at crucial times in their careers. In return these women will generate recognition, honour, moral commitment, solidarity, and above all responsibility. These are qualities needed to make a long lasting career, as witnessed by our WISH alumni.



The EPFL WISH Foundation offers financial support of up to CHF 6'000.- to female students that display academic promise, and who have been accepted to study abroad. This experience allows these young women to acquire a global understanding, new academic perspectives, build confidence, indepedence, international networks, to improve a language, and create lifelong friendships. 

Timing : up to 2 Application Processes a Year, stay tuned in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Demographics : EPFL Female Students who wish to study their Masters abroad

Cost : Average CHF 5’000


Every year we research to find the most influential woman in science with the EPFL-WISH Foundation Council members and the Presidency of the EPFL. In order to maximize the visiting Laureate’s presence and time spent at EPFL, we hold pre-press releases, newsletters, posters (EPFL + UNIL + Lausanne), save the dates, months in advance of this grand occasion. Upon the Laureate’s arrival a private luncheon is held with the female PhD students in order they can meet this influential and powerful woman, getting invaluable advice and mentoring. The event invites a Swiss Politician, the Presidency of EPFL, EPFL WISH Foundation and the Laureate to inform, educate, and motivate the audience the importance of having more women in all scientific backgrounds, bringing everyone to work together for the future of mankind. The cocktail following the event encourages those present to network and meet others who share common interests. 

Timing : Yearly

Demographics : EVERYONE 50 / 50 both men and women, not limited to scientific backgrounds or EPFL. Open to the grand public.

Cost : AVERAGE 20'000 pr event

The Women in Science luncheons offer an opportunity for the Master, PhD, and Post Doc women to hear from role-models in both industry and academia of their struggles and the advice they can give to the next generation. These women get to interact, asking important and often difficult questions in this intimate setting. These luncheons are bi-annual along with department lunches hosted by a woman professor on a monthly basis. The panel and professors answer questions about careers, what are the important steps for achieving your goals, which parameters are the most important for a successful career, how to get to such high level responsibility and/or positions, how important networks and mentors are, what are the keys to success? All events are held in French and English. These luncheons offer a unique opportunity to interact with influential successful women and be empowered from their experiences. 

Timing : 1 per semester – Panel Luncheon / 10 luncheons with professors per department

Demographics : Female students EPFL / UNIL

Cost : Total budget is CHF 2'750.-