The Women in Science luncheons are a great opportunity for the Master, PhD, and Post Doc women to hear from mentors in both industry and academia of their struggles and the advice they can give to the next generation. These luncheons are usually hosted by a woman professor on a monthly basis. The panel will answer questions about careers, what are the important steps for acheiving your goals, which parameters are the most important for a successful career, how to get to such high level responsibility and/or positions, how important networks and mentors are, what are the keys to success?


Lunches are sponsored by the Equal Opportunities office of EPFL and the NCCR Bio-Inspired materials.


Stress : How can I deal with it and what are its consequences? 

with Prof. Carmen Sandi

31.03.2021 @ 12.00

Prof. Carmen Sandi will give us a brief introduction on stress and how it impacts our performance. An informal discussion will follow, where which she will happily answer your questions related to this topic!

The number of participants is limited to 40, so sign up here if you want to secure a spot!

Connection link will be distributed only to students who have signed up.

Build your own brand!

with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

28.05.2021 @ 13.00

An entire workshop (2-3 hours) dedicated to creating an image of yourself that will reflect your personality, and reclaiming the perception others might have of you.

The number of participants is limited, so sign up here if you want to participate! WISH and BCG will select 20 participants, deadline to sign up is 30th of March.

This workshop is open to female* EPFL students (bachelor+master).


"Studying in COVID times : the do's & don't's"

with Luisa Rinaldi, Manon Michel, Marijn Van der Meer, Manon Boissat, Delphine Zihlmann and Prof. Kathryn Hess, 25.02.2021 via zoom 

"Narcissism in the scientific environment"

with Bruno Lemaitre, 19.10.2020 via zoom 

"A PhD in STEM: how, why and where?"

with Didem Dede, Chiara Ercolani, Alice Gillen and Maya Harris, 6.5.2020 via zoom 

"A career in academia: adventures, fun and lessons learned" 

with Gisou van der Goot, Raffaella Buonsanti and Giulia Tagliabue, 8.4.2020 via zoom

"Thriving talent: how to coach diversity in companies"

with Deborah Croft, 30.11.2019

"Company Networking Lunch"

with PSA, Nestlé and Attolight 10.10.2019

"Company Networking Lunch"

with Lake Diamond, Firmenrich and Avanade 9.5.2019


“Combining a career with a family"

with V. Michaud, E. Amstad, S. Lacour and A. Fontcuberta i Morral 18.4.2019


"Unconscious bias, why should we care?"

with A. Fontcuberta i Morral 5.3.2019

Unconscious bias, why should we care?' 

sponsored by the NCCR Bio-inspired materials via Prof. Esther Amstad and the EO of EPFL.


Great attendance and lively discussions.

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